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    Power supply "POWER ICE 30A"

    Power supply "POWER ICE 30A"
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    PCB design

    Hello engineers Can Kasb design this pcb schematic for public use ?! Thanks in advance to everyone who accompanies me in this work:):);)
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    power supply + pcb

    سلام دوستان لطفا پروژه های PCB + خود را اینجا قرار دهید! من اولین نفری هستم که خودم شروع به کار می کنم! منبع تغذیه 0_30 ولت 3 آمپر لیست: 1 LM317 ترانزیستورهای IC 1 UA741 1 TIP35 باید اصل و با کیفیت باشند 1 BC640 دیودهای 4 x 10A10 10 آمپر دیود 5 عدد 1N4007 1 LED زینرها 1 عدد 2.2 ولت 1 عدد...
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    20/22 Ampere or 30/32 Ampere 13.8 volts power supply RE-PSF14A20 or PSF14A30

    Remember to isolate the 2N3055 transistors from the chassis/radiator! This is very important! Use a radiator (heat sink) of appropriate size and surface area; insulating and heat-conducting spacer or at least a thin mica; hot adhesive and thermal paste. PSF14A20 Specs Heavy duty power supply...
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    Fully Adjustable Power Supply

    Based on a National Semiconductor application note, this circuit uses an LM317 3-terminal regulator (REG1), chosen because of its built-in over-current and over-temperature protection. Its output is boosted up to just over 5A by the MJ2955 transistor (Q1). The output voltage is varied by...
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    Power Supply Variable 0-50V 3A With Current Protection LM723

    Regulator ini adalah rangkaian catu daya variabel 0-50v yang mengatur tegangan output yang berkisar antara 0V sampai 50 volt, dan yang juga penting adalah sirkuit proteksi arus lebih pada 3 Ampere. Yang akan segera dipotong. Rangkaian pengaturan tegangan yang digunakan akan memberikan performa...
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    12V-13.8V DC 30A,25A,20A,15A Power Supply

    Devre basit ve kolay anlaşılabilir bir yapıya sahiptir.
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    Variable Power Supply with Digital Control

    The most frequently used device in electronic workshops and laboratories is a universal power supply that provides a variable, fluctuation-free output. Here we present a variable power supply with digital control that is simple and easy to construct. The circuit is built around an adjustable...
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    15 Ampere Adjustable Power Supply

    This adjustable power supply circuit provides an output voltage source which can be adjusted between 1.5 and 15 volts and give 15 amps current. Output voltage is adjusted through a a linear potentiometer. The resistors connected to the emitters of the transistors must be at least 10 watts. 15...
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    800W DC-DC Power Supply (SMPS) for a car amplifier

    This is for how to make a full bridge dual transformer switch mode DC-DC power supply for a car amplifier or for any kind of battery use. Input voltage is 10-16V. Input current can reach up to 100A. Output voltage is adjustable between +/-5V and +/-63V, or from 10V to 126V, depending on how the...
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    Switched power supply 2x 35V 350W

    This switching power supply works in the single switch forward topology. In the article about switching power supplies it is II.A. Operating frequency is cca 80-90kHz. As a control circuit UC3844 is used. It is similar to the UC3842, but duty cycle is limited to less than 50%. The transformer...
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    USB Car Charger and Power Supply Circuit

    Welcome to DIY electronic dot com,Im pleased to present simple circuit for your device or gadget in car . Including it is charger for those device . USB Power Supply and Charger We take IC regulator MAX603″ for reduce voltage from between +2.7 V and +11.5 V DC of battary to 5 VDC for USB...
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    0~30V adjustable integrated regulated voltage power supply

    0~30V Continuous adjustable integrated regulated voltage power supply Basit 0 ile 30 volt arası ayarlı güç kaynağı devre şeması yukarda yer almaktadır..
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    12AU7 / 12AX7 Tube Preamplifier Power Supply Schematic

    12AU7 / 12AX7 Tube Preamplifier Power Supply Schematic (Tüp Preamplifikatör Güç Kaynağı devre şeması)
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    Mini Bench Power Supply Circuit

    Every electronics engineer is familiar with the anxiety of the moment when power is first applied to a newly-built circuit, wondering whether hours of work are about to be destroyed in a puff of smoke. A high quality power supply with an adjustable current limit function is an excellent aid to...
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    Half Wave Power Supply (Yarım Dalga Güç Kaynağı)

    sadece bir transformatör, bir diyot ve bir kondansatör gerektirir Yarım dalga doğrultucular, basit, ama biz bir güç kaynağı gösterge vermek LED ekledik. 12V için basit bir yarım dalga doğrultucu aşağıda gösterilmiştir 500mA transformatörler genellikle bu devreler için kullanılır. dikkatle eklem...
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    1.3 - 32 V / 5A Power Supply w/ Short Circuit Protection by LM338

    Description This is a very easy to build power supply that is based on LM338 5A adjustable voltage regulator. I am using the supply for a long time, have no problem yet. Only current adjust is missing but I overcome this situation by using an LCD panel ampermeter. There is no PCB for the...