1. guclusat

    A/D-D/A Converter Circuit

    Bu dc-dc dönüştürücüde, 555, TI'nin birincil sargısında yükselen ve çöken bir alan üretmek için kullanılır ve TI'nin ikincil sargısında yüksek bir voltaj üretir. Bu voltaj daha sonra tam dalgadır, köprü Dl ile D4 arasında doğrultulur ve C3 ile filtrelenir. T1, birincil için #26 tel ve ikincil...
  2. guclusat


    This circuit can accept positive or negative or differential control voltages. The output frequency is zero when the control voltage is zero. The 741 op amp forms a current source controlled by the voltage Ec to charge the timing capacitor C1linearly. NE555 is connected in the astable mode. so...
  3. guclusat

    V-F converter LM324

    Here we're going to make a V-F converter. What do you think V and F stand for? Not so difficult, V for voltage and F for frequency. So a V-F converter is a device to convert a voltage to a frequency. The schematic shows you that U1:A is an integrating circuit and outputs an integrated voltage...
  4. guclusat

    12V to 9V DC Converter Circuit Diagram (PCB)

    12V to 9V DC Converter This 12V to 9V DC converter is very useful to power 9V DC devices in a car that uses a 12V DC battery. The maximum current consumption allowed by this circuit is 0.8 amps. This 12V to 9V DC converter is implemented using a zener diode and a NPN bipolar transistor (Q1) as...
  5. guclusat

    RS485 to RS232 converter

    RS485 is an alternatve for RS232 for long distances. Maximum length of the cable for RS232 is only 15m. For RS485 it is about 1200m. In addition you can connect many devices to RS485 bus (unlike RS232 — only 2). Send/receive mode is selected by RTS signal. The converter was designed to be as...
  6. guclusat


    This project is a 8-12Vdc to +48Vdc DC-DC converter based on MC34063 switching regulator. Description It’s a simple project of a DC-DC converter to make a phantom power supply for professional microphones. It can deliver 15-20mA at 48VDC. It ‘s based on MC34063 DC-DC step-up, step-down and...
  7. uydudoktoru

    DC / DC CONVERTER Devresi

    Cok basit bir devre isini gorebilir.Istersen atx psu larin icindeki trafodan kullanabilirsin.Yada kucuk bir devre yapayim diyorsan toroid nuvelerden birini modifiye edebilirsin.Devreyi Atx trafosunun 5 volt cikislarina uygulayip 12 volt cikislarindan simetrik 24 olt gibi bir deger...
  8. guclusat

    Automotive 12V to +-20V converter (for audio amplifier)

    The limitation of car supply voltage (12V) forces to convert the voltages to higher in order to power audio amplifiers. In fact the max audio power x speaker (with 4 ohm impedance) using 12V is (Vsupply+ - Vsupply-)^2/(8*impedance) 12^2/32 = 4.5Watts per channel, that is...