1. guclusat

    400W Amfi devre şeması

    Proje dosyası ücrete tabidir. İsteyen arkadaşlar bize ulaşın dan mesaj çekebilirler yada buraya yazabilirler. Malzeme Listesi
  2. guclusat

    Constant current source ful LEDS using LM3414

    A very simple high efficiency LED driver circuit project can be designed using the LM3414 and LM3414HV which are 1A 60W* common anode capable constant current buck LED drivers. LM3414 , LM3414HV are suitable to drive single string of 3W HBLED with up to 96% efficiency and accept input voltages...
  3. guclusat

    USB Car Charger and Power Supply Circuit

    Welcome to DIY electronic dot com,Im pleased to present simple circuit for your device or gadget in car . Including it is charger for those device . USB Power Supply and Charger We take IC regulator MAX603″ for reduce voltage from between +2.7 V and +11.5 V DC of battary to 5 VDC for USB...
  4. guclusat

    Low noise tone control circuit using C945

    If you have electronics old equipment, keep many long ago year, unknow build Electronic Project good. I begs for to advise pre tone control circuit this. By it can fine to decorate the sound Bass,Treble and Volume well.There is the prominent point that use transistor, But be of good...
  5. uydudoktoru

    7 Watt Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Schematic

    Small but powerful multipurpose amplifier This small amplifier is constructed around the TDA2003 IC, capable of delivering 4Wrms at 4ohms. The TDA 2003 has improved performance with the same pin configuration as the TDA 2002. The additional features of TDA 2002, very low number of external...
  6. guclusat

    Stereo preamplifier circuit with TL072

    Welcome back to Free Circuit dot com ,Today,We take the preamplifier circuit with TL072,You can connect with Guitar,DVD player or Iphone. The preamplifier circuit is shown in the figure has some interesting characteristics that separate “normal” on the assumption that there is such a thing...
  7. guclusat

    circuit High power regulater 0-30V 20A