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    Burmeister 933 MK2

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    2+1 amplifier

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    High power audio amplifier costruction manual

    Yüksek güçlü ses amplifikatörü yapım kılavuzu High power audio amplifier costruction manual
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    Amplifier Class D 2500W Mosfet IRFP250N

    How to make Amplifier Class D 2500W Mosfet IRFP250N x 4 at hom
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    500 watts mono Amplifier using 2SC5200 - 2SA1943

    ⚠WARNING!! This project is not for beginners. For make this project requires advanced level knowledge. Because this project cost is too high. So if you are a beginners, your little mistake can fail this project. This things are required to make this amplifier. Transistors 1. 5×2SC5200...
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    4×40 watts quad bridge amplifier

    Components► 1. TDA7388 ic. 2. 1×4700uF 25V capacitor. 3. 5×104pF capacitor. 4. 1×1uF capacitor. 5. 1×47uF capacitor. 6. 1×0.47uF capacitor. 7. 1×10k resistor. 8. 4×47K single turn potentiometer. 9. 1×L7805V ic. Schematic In this post I make a 4 channel audio amplifier. Which can deliver upto...
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    4 way Stereo Unbalanced Distribution Amplifier

    This is 4-way stereo unbalanced distribution amplifier (DA), which can be used to distribute (or split) input audio signal to 4 isolated audio devices. Distribution amplifier in this article is based on commonly available TL072 and TL074 low noise operational amplifier ICs and 7812/7912 voltage...
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    100 WATTS RMS

    Modulo de um excelente amplificador de 100 W RMS, ideal para ser utilizado com o crossover ativo de 3 vias. Pode trabalhar em 4 ohms ou 8 ohms de carga, na carga de 4 ohms e aconselhável a colocação de um cooler (ventilador) e em ambas as cargas e necessário um bom dissipador de calor de...
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    TDA2050 Ses güç amplifikatörü

    This project is an audio amplifier based on TDA2050 and LM1875. Description This is not an ordinary project, but an attempt to make a PCB that is suitable for TDA2050 andLM1875 and has all the necessary circuitry on board – power supply, speaker protection, delayed turn-on and fast turn-off...
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    Devamı ektedir.
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    USB Powered Audio Power Amplifier

    This circuit of multimedia speakers for PCs has single-chip-based design, low-voltage power supply, compatibility with USB power, easy heat-sinking, low cost, high flexibility and wide temperature tolerance. At the heart of the circuit is IC TDA2822M. This IC is, in fact, mono-lithic type in...
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    μAmp Miniature Audio Amplifier

    The small AF amplifier Suitable for laptops and MP3 players. IT may be powered from the PC (Game or USB) or AC adapter.The basis of the amplifier is an integrated circuit TDA2822M. With this circuit you can build an amplifier with output up to 2x 1 W. This high power circuit is only able to...
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    One-IC 50W Audio Amplifier Using TDA1562

    The integrated output amplifier described in this article consists of little more than one integrated circuit. It is intended especially for use in motor vehicles and other battery-operated applications. Although it appears simple and hardly worth looking at, the amplifier can produce an...
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    7 Watt Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Schematic

    Small but powerful multipurpose amplifier This small amplifier is constructed around the TDA2003 IC, capable of delivering 4Wrms at 4ohms. The TDA 2003 has improved performance with the same pin configuration as the TDA 2002. The additional features of TDA 2002, very low number of external...
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    Switch mode power supply for car vacuum tube amplifier

    Switch mode power supply for vacuum tube car audio Recently, some of my friends ask me about power supply from 12 V to HV for tube amp, after reading Bob's article about 1626 Auto Darling. I'm thinking of building one vacuum tube amplifier for my...
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    A High-Power Broadband 300-Watt Amplifier

    FCC WARNING - This equipment, in some instances, is capable of exceeding Part 15 of the Rules for low-power broadcasting. Please be aware that it is possible to use this equipment in a manner that can place you in violation of federal laws. Before you construct any of these projects, you should...
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    UHF antenna amplifier

    This amplifier circuit is used to amplify TV signals in UHF range. It uses a low-noise transistor and gives 10 to 15 dB amplification in the frequency range from 400 MHz to 850 MHz. The transistor must be shielded from the input components and in constructing this circuit, the wirings must...
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    1 Watt Amplifier With The 2N4427

    1 Watt Amplifier With The 2N4427 devreleri ve gerekli bilgileri zip içinde yer almaktadır
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    Amplifier 6Watt MicroStripline (2SC1971)

    2SC1971 8 Watts FM broadcast (87,5-108MHz) broadband microstripline RF-amplifier 1.- all SMD components are 1206 types 2.- connect the bottomlayer (groundplane) on several points (through via's) with the toplayer of the pcb. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! VCC = Supply voltage (see also the...
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    Amplifier 10mWatt - 5watt (mrf237)

    L1 = 7 Turns 6mm Diameter L2 = 4 Turns 6mm Diameter L3 = 4 Turns 6mm Diameter L4 = 5 Turns 6mm Diameter L5 = Hairpin 13mm Wide x 25mm High L6 = 6 Turns 6mm Diameter L7 = 5 Turns 6mm Diameter L8 = 4 Turns 6mm Diameter