1. guclusat

    15 Ampere Adjustable Power Supply

    This adjustable power supply circuit provides an output voltage source which can be adjusted between 1.5 and 15 volts and give 15 amps current. Output voltage is adjusted through a a linear potentiometer. The resistors connected to the emitters of the transistors must be at least 10 watts. 15...
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    Adjustable ON OFF Timer(using 555 astable mode)

    In this circuit a timer with cyclic on off operations is designed. This circuit uses very basic components like 555 timer and 4017 counter. These on off intervals can be adjusted by varying the 555 timer output and number of counter outputs. Let us discuss in detail about this circuit. Circuit...
  3. guclusat

    Simple Adjustable Timer Circuit with 555 IC

    Using simple 555 timer we can design an adjustable timer switch. This circuit is flexible to adjust required time. Circuit Diagram Components 555 timer Electrolytic capacitor – 470 uf ceramic capacitor – 0.1nF Resistors 120k ohm 10k ohm Relay -12v Push button Working Here 555 timer...
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    The TPS61045 is a high frequency boost converter with digitally programmable output voltage and true shutdown. During shutdown, the output is disconnected from the input by opening the internal input switch. This allows a controlled power up/down sequencing of the display. The output voltage can...
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    0~30V adjustable integrated regulated voltage power supply

    0~30V Continuous adjustable integrated regulated voltage power supply Basit 0 ile 30 volt arası ayarlı güç kaynağı devre şeması yukarda yer almaktadır..
  6. guclusat

    30V/3A Adjustable Regulated DC Power Supply

    A power supply for all general circuits, Based on a stabilized DC voltage of 30 volt This power supply is meant as an auxiliary or as a permanent power supply for all common circuits based on a stabilized DC voltage between 3 and 30V provided that the consumption does not exceed 3A. Of...