Smartvision SV-613A-M136 ip kamera programı


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Hem explorerden hemde client programı ile bağlantı kuruk kullanabileceğini basit bir kamera olup tüm program ve ayarların bulunduğu yazılım ekte yer almaktadır.
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How to restore a FS 613A M136

* Caution: With this modifications the ip camera lose the warranty and this is not guaranteed to work for all ip cameras. I’m not responsible of a bad use of this manual, take care with all, cables, voltage, to weld ….
Perhaps you brought a very cheap ip camera in Ebay or others online shops in Xina. The ip camera didn’t have any information but is very similar like Foscam FI8908W and the last firmware is different than you have in your new ip camera …. if you update ip camera with the last FI8908W firmware, it will restart every 3 seconds, impossible to come back or delete the firmware. To solve this problem is noy easy, but is possible.
Is important identify the model and the factory of the ip camera:

In a small sticker indicate the model (FS 613A M136), and searching in Google we can deduce that this ip camera is a clon form EasyN Technology Co. Ltd company (EasyN IPCam). This company manage a lot of differents models of ip cameras, all of them very similar like Foscam models. The webpage there is a lot of information of the ip cameras without their respective


Finally, I found the last firmware to FS 613A M136 ip camera (is very very very long history), and there are the files:
Device Firmware Version: lr_cmos_4_11_2_15
Device Embeded Web UI Version: aw_4_3_3_39
The FI8908W (Foscam) and the FS 613A M136 (EasyN) PCBs are the same:

  • Source:Computer Solutions Blog

FS 613A M136:

And for more information about some parts of PCB with their datasheets:
DM9161AEP: Davicom 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Physical Layer Single Chip Transceiver (PDF)
alc203: Realtek TWO CHANNEL AC’97 2.3 AUDIO CODEC (PDF)
W9812G6IH-6: Winbond 2M X 4 BANKS X 16 BITS SDRAM (PDF)
S29AL016D90BAI013: Spansion 16 Mbit 3.0 Volt-only Flash memory (PDF)
This is a bit introduction about FS 613A M136.

What we need to restore?

We need to conect the ip camera with the computer (caution: the ip camera works with 3.3V), I use an USB to serial UART, it costs arround 9€

Now conect the pins with our FS 613A M136, but carefull, you need to cross RX with TX and

Like this:

Look 4 pins: inorder 3.3V, Gnd, TX, RX (remember to cross TX and RX)

Follow the cables

Next step is upload the linux.bin and romfs_cmos_11_14_1_37.img file to the ip camera (W90N745CDG: Winbond 32-BIT ARM7TDMI-BASED MCU andW90N745 uClinux BSP User Manual).
Conect you your USB at the computer, and start the Hyperterminal with this configuration:
Conecting ussing: COM1 (select your default port)
Bits per second: 115200
Data bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop bits: 1
Flow control: None
Open the connection

Power on your ip camera (conect the power supply), Hyperterminal starts to show letters and press ESC

Now we can delete the memory of the ip camera. Write:
First => bootloader> del 6 (press enter and wait to finish)
Second => bootloader> del 7 (press enterand wait to finish)

And then we can upload the files roms.img and (download here) and write with carefully:
bootloader> fx 7 0x7f020000 0×8000 -acxz (press enter)
Select: “Transfer -> Send file” or right click with the mouse and “Send”, in a File browser choose the file with xmodem protocol

Repeat with next file:
bootloader> fx 6 romfs.img 0x7f0d0000 0x7f0d0000 -a (press enter)
At end input: booloader> boot (press enter)

Now you can disconect the cables and conect the ip camera to lan to upload the firmware.
To upload the firmware, download and install the program IPCamSetup.exe
Finally, you can configure your ip camera

If the files roms.img and don’t work fine or not update, you can try with Foscam files (in my case I could update my EasyN cam with this files), you can donwload here.

More information:

Gadget Victims: Bring your FI8908W paperweight back to life
foscam « Computer Solutions Blog
How to restore Foscam IPCam in Spanish
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IP Camera Super Client -

Windows will ask you to allow installation of an unsigned 'active-x' plugin, please allow this in order to make the client work.

No installation is required, just unzip and copy them to a directory and create a Desktop-link to the "SuperIPCam.exe" file. You may install several versions on the same PC, they are of no harm against each other, even when running.

Below two files may also be needed for some versions to make all of it working. At least, according to some uninstall file information found, they are added by some of the progs to the 'c:\windows\system32\' subsection. I have no idea for what reason, anyway...

If you have any problems with any part of the program, take the 3 files from the 'MGMFile_znullrender' Folder (included in the zip-file) and copy them into




The DevFind.exe, enclosed in some Zip's, will not find all different "series" IP-Cams in your Network, so, it's possibly of no real use. I left it in the Software because it belongs there. Also, Progs like 'Backup.exe', 'Watchdog.exe' & 'ZPlayer.exe' e.t.c., are untested at all.

To uninstall, just delete the Program-Folder and use a reliable registry cleaner program to get the rest out of your PC Registry.

I have invested a lot of time to make my 'IP Camera Super-Client' Software capable to work with multiple "series" of IP-Cameras, having, at times, 20+ different OEM Versions installed on my PC. Since I like the Program so much,I am glad if my Information helps others also.

If you already use an existing IP Camera Super-Client, you may just replace the existing 'DevType.dat' File with one of the 'DevType.dat' files enclosed in one of the downloaded Versions. Also add some subfolders, i.E. 911/912/918, if not already existing in your Directory. Then start your Client and look how it works.

Good Luck and best regards from Switzerland.


Note: Unregistered 'IP Camera Super-Client' Versions usually function for ONE hour before beeing required to be restarted again in order to work.

The above Versions probably require no registration to work, also, they work very well, but they usually have no audio function.