Lantern Dimmer/Flasher


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Lantern Dimmer/Flasher Parts List
R1 = 100K C1,C3 = 10uF/16V
R2 = 100K C2 = 0.01uF, ceramic
R3 = 100K T1 = 2N4401
R4 = 100K T2 = TIP32
R5 = 3K9 U1 = LM358
R6 = 3K9 L1 = Lantern Bulb
R7 = 470 S1 = On-Off Switch
R8 = 100
R9 = 220, 1/2 watt
P1 = 5K

Additional Notes
ALL resistors are 1/4 watt, 5% tolerance, unless otherwise posted.
P1 is the dimmer potentiometer. S1 is an additional switch to activate the 'Flashing' mode. R9 has to be a half-watt type. T1 is a NPN audio amp transistor and can be substituted with a NTE123AP, the BC547, Elector's (Elektuur) TUN. T2 is a PNP power amp and can be substituted with a NTE197.