Ipod Stereo FM transmitter with 1W output power


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Many people prefer to listen to their own music (or voice) on radio.
This project explain how you can build and connect a powerful 1W amplifier to your FM transmitters.
A perfect solution for those wishing to listen to their favourite tunes in the car, house, garden,
school, campus, party, you name it....
Why not share your music with every one else in your city!
This project is also made as a KIT, more details below.

This is strictly an educational project explaining how an amplifier works.
This project may well be illegal to use, but that is up to YOU to investigate.



Component list for the "Ipod Stereo FM transmitter with 1W output power"


100 = R3, R4
330 = R1
10k = R2, R5, R6


3.3pF = C9, C10
6-60pF = C11, C12
9-120pF = C13, C14
100nF = C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C15, C16
220uF = C1


L1 = 2 turn diam 5 mm
L2 = 7 turn diam 6.5 mm
L3 = 4 turn diam 6.5 mm
L4 = ferrite bead, choke inductor, AXIAL LEAD BEAD or inductor (100uH)..all works good

10uH = L5, L6

Ferrite Bead

BK1608LM182-T = FB1, FB2, FB3, FB4 (10uH inductor works good too)


MRF9411 = Q1
BFG193 = Q2
2N3866 = Q3

IC1 = LP2981 (+3.3V)


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