Fake Car Alarm Circuit - Sahte araç alarmı


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This is a very simple circuit to make using a 555 component and is recommended for the electronics beginner.

This page outlines how to make a simple theft detterant which may be just as effective. The idea is to have a flashing red led indicate that your car is protected. This device can protect your vehicle from potential thieves – it makes it look like your car has an armed alarm system installed, which causes thieves to pass by your car in search of an easier target.

The project can be broken down into three steps. Constructing the circuit, powering the circuit, and installation.

Constructing the Circuit
The circuit is build around a 555 IC.


Nr. Name Description
1 Ground Ground Reference (0V)
2 Trigger OUT rises, and interval starts, when this input falls below 1/3 VCC
3 Output This output is driven to +VCC or GND.
4 Reset A timing interval may be interrupted by driving this input to GND.
5 Vcc +5 to +15v
6 Discharge Open collector output; may discharge a capacitor between intervals
7 Threshhold The interval ends when the voltage at THR is greater than at CTRL.
8 Control Voltage Control” access to the internal voltage divider (by default, 2/3 VCC).
Circuit Schematics

Annotation Value
C1 10uF
C2 0.1uF
R1 10k
R2 150k
R3 330 Ohm
U1 LM555N
The Printed Circuit Board




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