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Circuit of micro FM transmitter spy with transistor bf494 (spytoni)

That small circuit transmitter (spytoni) it is ideal for ready espionage for strip from radio Fm or receiver of VHF. Of course the recreational purpose also exists and the children will adore to have a transmitter that allows to speak for a radio FM placed at distant place and like this pretend the secret agent.

Operation of the fm transmiter with bf494

The signs captured by the electrets microphone, your voice or close people’s chats, they are mischievous to the base of the transistor Q1 through C1 where are amplified. The resistor R2 together with R3 it determines this amplification.
Wanting a smaller earnings, because the sound tends to be distorted by the excessive earnings, we can reduce to value of R2 and R3.
After having amplified, the sign is removed of the collector of this transistor and mischievous to the base of Q2, where it modulates in frequency the sign generated by this stage. This stage is exactly an oscillator of high frequency that operates in the strip of FM. Your frequency is determined by L1 and for the adjustment of CV.
The obtained signs, already modulated in frequency, they are mischievous to a linked antenna in the collector of the transistor Q2.
The reach of the transmitter will depend a lot on this antenna, of the feeding of the circuit and of the place where will happen your operation. In open field, with a feeding of 6 V (4 piles AA) and an antenna of about 40 cm of length, we can arrive to the 200 meters. With a smaller antenna, or in place with many structures of iron (flagstones) the reach will be sensibly reduced. A common wall without metallic structure is not obstacle for this transmitter.
List material for assembly of the micro fm transmitters with bf494


  • Q1 – BC558
  • Q2 – BF494
Resistors: (1/8 W, 5%)

  • R1–4,7 KΩ
  • R2–220 KΩ (red, red, yellow, Gold)
  • R3–22 KΩ (red, red, orange, Gold)
  • R4–10 KΩ (Brown, black, orange, Gold)
  • R5–6,8 KΩ (Blue, Ash, red, Gold)
  • R6–47 Ω (Yellow, violet, Black, Gold)

  • C1–10 µF/16 V – ELECTROLYTIC
  • C2–4,7 µF/16 V – ELECTROLYTIC
  • C3–10 nF – ceramic
  • C4–4,7 pF – ceramic
  • C5–100 nF – ceramic
  • CV–trimmer from 3-30 to 5-50 pF

  • MIC–microphone of electret of two terminals
  • L1–Reel – to see text
  • S1–simple Switch
  • B1–3 to 6 V – 2 to 4 small piles
  • The–antenna – to see text Printed circuit board or bridge of terminals, box for assembly or hollow book, support for 2 or 4 small piles, threads, it welds, etc.
Printed circuit board

Assembly inside of a book. Espionage.



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