50W Hi-Fi Stereo Power Amplifier Project with IC TDA1514A


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DIY Electroni dot com would like to show you about the 50 Watts stereo power amplifier
project with IC seriar TDA,It is TDA1514 ,I think,If you want to study about audio amplifier system,You might be start with the IC because you can apply it to many sound devices system such as.


-Stereo Hi-fi amplifier

-Middle subwoofer amplifier
-TV amplifier (NICAM® system or mono speaker)
-Surround Sound Amplifier
-computer speaker improvements, and other such as speakers with make in amplifiers
-For Hi End sound system projects this amplifier should also be used for mid-range or tweeter amplifiers in bi/tri amplifier systems.
Sure! We provides shcenmetic,PCB and componant list in this post.

They IC is worth the extra complexity (and is still very easy anyway). Other reasons why you would be to make this amplifier project are:

-Better Value
-High Power
-Low harmonic and distortion
-Good thermal Protection
-Doesn’t click when switching on and off
-And from what I can tell, The amp has much better overall sound then TDA2040 chips (and the like).
-Able up to 50W of power amplifier.


50W power amp TDA1514 schematics

They pictures below are PCB and print layout.


50W power amp TDA1514 PCB

Electronic componant part list

50W power amp TDA1514 layout


R1, R10, R18, R25 – 10kOhm

R2, R19 – 47kOhm

R3, R4 – 1.2 kOhm

R5, R9, R20, R24 – 1kOhm

R6, R21 – 22kOhm

R8, R23 – 470kOhm

R11, R26 – 82ohm

R12, R27 – 150ohm

R13, R28 – 3.3 Ohm


C1, C12 – 10uF / 100V / rad.

C2, C3, C4, C6, C14, C17 – 100uF / 35V / rad.

C10, C19 – 220uF / 35V / rad.

C23, C24, C25, C26 – 4700uF / 35V / rad.

C27, C28 – 47pF / shrub.

C7, C15 – 330pF / shrub.

C8, C21, C16, C22 – 100nF / shrub.

C11, C20 – 220nF / shrub.

Semiconductor components:

IC1 – NJM 4580 L

IC2, IC3 – TDA 1514 A

D1 – D4 – P 600


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