200W MOSFET Audio Amplifier circuit with K1058


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Welcome back to Free circuit dot com,We would like to present audio amplifier circuit as this amplifier consists of two completely separate mono amp for each channel has its own power supply, so zero inter-channel crosstalk, a common phenomenon in amplifiers, the same diet. 0 – - 40VAC at 640VA To the full power any 40VAC transformer should be evaluated to obtain. Unlike many designs, referring to the capacitors to supply the current peaks, I prefer the raw power available from the transformer, have resulting in faster transients.

Mosfet 200W Class A PCB

Although RAS-300 specifications moderate, if they immediately hear the huge reserves of power available and not cause of fear that something, this would give a very loud while driving amplifiers. You hear nothing but the truth without distortion at any level, and I guarantee you that this amp the best qualities of the connected devices reveal.



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