200 Watts Mono Audio Amplifier


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This is 200 watts mono audio amplifier board. this project can play upto 200 watts speaker easily.

i used two 2SC5200 & two 2SA1943 Transistors and 45-0-45 transformer for this project


Materials for the Project

4Pcs. 2.2 Ohm 1/2W Resistance

2Pcs. 100 Ohm 1W Resistance

1Pcs. 10 Ohm 2W Resistance

2Pcs. 4.7K 1/2W Resistance

1Pcs. 33 Ohm Resistance

3Pcs. 4007 Diode

3Pcs. 150 Ohm Resistance

1Pcs. 68K Resistance

1Pcs. 10K Resistance

1Pcs. 1K Resistance

2Pcs. 33K Resistance

2Pcs. 3.3K Resistance

1Pcs. 24v Zener Diode

2Pcs. 100pf Capacitor

2Pcs. 470pf Capacitor

1Pcs. C1815 Transistor

2Pcs. C2229 Transistor

2Pcs. 2N5401 Transistor

1Pcs. 470Kpf Capacitor

1Pcs. 100Kpf Capacitor

2Pcs. 47uf100v Capacitor

1Pcs. TIP42C Transistor

4Pcs. 0.33 Ohm 5W Resistance

1Pcs. A1941 Transistor

1Pcs. C5198 Transistor

2Pcs. 2SA1943 Transistor

2Pcs. 2SC5200 Transistor

1Pcs. D10XB60 Bridge Rectifier

2Pcs. 4700uf80v Capacitor

1Pcs. 10 Ohm 5W Resistance with 5uH inductor coil


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