12 volt 10 amper güç kaynağı devresi


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Here is an easy project / schematic of a 12V 10A power supply circuit. The circuit can be very useful if you have a need of high current 12 volt supply. The circuit is using a LM7812 voltage regulator IC. The LM7812 is an IC of LM78xx fixed output positive voltage regulator IC series. It has many good built in features
like short circuit protection, thermal shutdown etc. which makes it ideal to use in power supply circuits.

The 230V to 12V 10A transformer is used to step down the mains voltage. The 10 ampere diode bridge is used to rectify the voltage coming from the transformer. The capacitors are used for filtering the voltage.

The maximum output current of the IC is 1.5A therefore we have used two TIP2955 transistors two boost the output current to 10A. The two fuses of 1A and 10A are used to protect the IC, transistors and other parts of the circuit from over current. Make sure to use suitable heat sinks with the IC and transistors.