0.30 Volt 5 Amper Güç Kaynağı Devresi


Tanınmış Üye
Süper Moderatör

current limiting. Without '' RX '' and with attached S1 maximally possible output current
is to the user at the disposal. This must however logical-proves no to be to be read as in the heading
if the used trafo cannot supply these rivers, one such rivers to use will also not be able
IC1 uA723 /LM 723CN

T1 BC237
T2 BD136
T3;4 2N3055

D1.....4 DIODE BY252
ZD1 Z-DIODE 27V - ZPD 27V0

R6 22K
R7 100R
R8 560R
R9 1K
R10 100K
R11 22K
R12 4K7
R13 22K
R14;15 4K7
R16 680R
R17 47R
R18;19 4K7
R20 1K2
R21 4K7
R26 680R

R1 1k8
R2 1R0
R3 =RX
R4 0R 27
R5 0R 27
R22.....25 0R 27

P1 10K

C1 4700UF
C2 47NF
C3 4,7NF
C4 150pF
C5 10UF
C6 47UF
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