zener diode tester

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    TV Led test devresi

    S/N Qty Value Description Parts Remarks 1 1 100pF Ceramic Cap C6 2 2 104/50V Mylar Cap C3, C5 3 1 222/50V Mylar Cap C4 4 1 220uF/16V Electrolytic Cap C2 5 1 470uF/16V Electrolytic Cap C1 6 1 4.7uF/400V Electrolytic Cap C7 7 4 1N4007 Gen Purpose Diode, 1 A D1, D2, D3, D4 8...
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    Basit Zener Test Şeması

    The circuit can be simply Q1 is connected as a current source. By D1, there is a constant voltage on the base, and it is worth considering the selected resistor in the emitter approximately 5.6 V. With an emitter resistor of 5K6 R2 will then 1mA through the transistor. With the chosen...