1. guclusat

    Video vericisi VHF

    Video vericisi VHF yarıçapı 50m Menzil 50m Frekans VHF Varicap BB222, KB109, BB109, KB409 için olası değiştirme
  2. guclusat

    30W VHF RF Amplifier for 88-108 MHz

    This 30W RF amplifier circuit provides an appropriate power boost with an input of 4-6 watt operating on the VHF FM Broadcast Band with 88-108 MHz frequency. However, the circuit is very stable and provides a clean-output through 7 element Butterworth low-pass filter (LPF). Circuit...
  3. guclusat

    500 mW VHF Video Transmitter

    Description Q1 (BC548C) is a modulated oscillator operating in the Commercial VHF Television Band and Q2 (BC548C or 2N4427) is an VHF RF Amplifier. Tuned circuits consist of C4, L1, C8, L3, and the two 15 pF trimmer capacitors across the collectors and emitters of both transistors. Other...