transistor tester

  1. guclusat

    Transistor Tester, 3 Volts

    This circuit is built around an oscillator. When the transistor tests good, the oscillator will produce a tone in the speaker. Parts List Unless otherwise stated, resistor wattage = 0.25W. R1 = 150Ω R2 = 220KΩ R3 = 150KΩ C1 = 100nF C2 = 47nF D1 = 1N4148 T1 = BC557 T2 = BC547 SW1 = DPDT...
  2. guclusat

    LED Transistor Tester 2

    With LED Transistor Tester 1, you can define whether your transistor is a PNP or NPN type and which of the leads is the base. To define Collector and Emitter, you have only two possibilities left now. When the transistor is fine and connected in the right way, the corresponding LED will glow...
  3. guclusat

    Transistor tester (Transistör test cihazı)

    Deze transistortester heeft slecht een IC en kan alle soorten transistoren testen. Door twee LED's wordt aangegeven of de transistor tot het type NPN of PNP behoort. De schakeling werkt met een CMOS IC 4049. De te testen transistor wordt op de aansluitingen "B" "C" en "E" aangesloten. Als dan de...
  4. guclusat

    Transistor Tester

    This tester is intended to quickly check whether a transistor is functional or not and possibly also select two or more transistors with (approximately) equal gains. This is about the simplest conceivable test circuit, so don’t expect super accuracy. The circuit has been designed only to...