stereo tone control

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    Stereo Ton kontrol devresi

    Stereo ton kontrol devre şeması pcb ve devamı ektedir.
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    Stereo Vu metre devre şeması

    Devamı ekte yer almaktadır.
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    Stereo Tone Control devresi

    If you have an audio preamplifier whose "tone control" does not fully satisfy you, you may replace the existing stage with this stylish 3-way stereo tone control circuit which can act not only on treble and bass, but also on mid tones. The circuit is able to cut or boost bass, mid, and treble as...
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    Stereo Tone Control With Loudness And Filter

    Stereo tone control with loudness and filter circuit diagram Part list : R1 = 100K R2 = 50K trim R3 = 22K R4 = 15K R5 = 1K R6 = 4K7 R7 = 330K R8 = 330K R9 = 3K3 R10= 5K6 R11= 8K2 R12= 5K6 R13= 1K R14= 1K R15= 50K TRIM R16= 50K TRIM R17= 330K R18= 4K7 R19= 47K R20= 1K R21= 4K7 R22= 2K2 R23=...