ne 555

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    NE 555 ile D class Amplifikatör devresi

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    NE 555 Test devresi

    NE 555 entegrelerinin test etmek için kullanılan bir Test devresidir. Parts List R1 = 68K, 5% R2 = 39K, 5% C1 = 1uF, 16V C2 = 10nF (0.01uF) ceramic Two red led's 8-pin dip socket On-off switch or push-on switch 1 - The ON-OFF Switch is optional, as is the Pulse output. 2 - When both led's are...
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    Description: the above circuit shows how to make a simple latching relay circuit using 555 timer IC, since 555 timer comes with built in flip-flop and comparator circuit. The circuit works as or behave as a toggle switch, the circuit above has two stable states, which are ON and OFF. Once it’s...