low pass filter

  1. guclusat

    Subwoofer active low pass filter

    Subwoofer active low pass filter , Subwoofer aktif düşük geçiş filtresi
  2. guclusat

    Woofer Filter, Low Pass filter, Bass Filter, Bass Ciruit

    First time when i tried to build Woofer circuit i face multiple problems because i was trying to build it with rc filter, i have got results very close to what i am searching for but unfortunately not those results that i was searching for. i have googled a lot. after a long searching i get into...
  3. uydudoktoru

    Low pass filter - Subwoofer

    The acoustic spectrum is extended by very low frequencies 20Iz and reaches as the 20000Iz in high frequencies. In the low frequencies is degraded the sense of direction. This reason us leads to the utilization speaker for the attribution of very low frequencies. The manufacture that to you we...
  4. guclusat

    Low Pass Filter Activ SubWoofer kontrol devresi

    devre ile ilgili ana link Index of /dosyalar/elektronik/Devreler/Active_SubWoofer_Filter/ açıklamalar için zipli dosyayı indiriniz http://www.uydudoktoru.com/dosyalar/elektronik/Devreler/Active_SubWoofer_Filter/Low-Pass-Filter-Active-SubWoofer-Controller.zip
  5. guclusat

    A RF Low Pass Filter For 88 - 108 MHz FM Transmitters

    Learn about FM Transmitter and Radio operation in the Famous NRG Workshop! Here is a Low Pass Filter. A RF Low Pass Filter For 88 - 108 MHz FM Transmitters This Coil and Capacitor circuit will get the harmonics down to -60dB!