1. guclusat

    Stereo Tone Control With Loudness And Filter

    Stereo tone control with loudness and filter circuit diagram Part list : R1 = 100K R2 = 50K trim R3 = 22K R4 = 15K R5 = 1K R6 = 4K7 R7 = 330K R8 = 330K R9 = 3K3 R10= 5K6 R11= 8K2 R12= 5K6 R13= 1K R14= 1K R15= 50K TRIM R16= 50K TRIM R17= 330K R18= 4K7 R19= 47K R20= 1K R21= 4K7 R22= 2K2 R23=...