1. FX5

    Professional 10-band equalizer

    Hello friends The input level can be adjusted with P1, which may be necessary to adjust the balance between channels or when a volume control is used on the output amplifiers. A variety of op-amps can be used: in the original example, IC1 is an LT1007 and IC2 is an OP275. Other suitable variants...
  2. guclusat

    8 Band Stereo Equalizer Devresi

    Devamı ve pcb ektedir.
  3. guclusat

    10 Band Stereo Equalizer

    10 Band Stereo Equalizer devresi
  4. guclusat

    5 Band Equalizer

    How to make Sound Controller circuit with effect Filter-Equalizer 5 Band
  5. guclusat

    5-Band Graphic Equalizer

    DESCRIPTION This complete high quality, low noise 5-BAND GRAPHIC EQUALIZER circuit is based around Monolithic Linear integrated circuit LA3600 manufactured by SANYO. This circuit is very easy to build and has good Quality. You can use it with Portable component stereos, tape-recorders...