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    TP2399 Echo Low high circuit diagram

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    Echo, Delay effect board for microphone

    Components 1. 1×PT2399 IC. 2. 1×4858D IC. 3. 4×1KΩ resistor 1/4W. 4. 3×10KΩ resistor 1/4W. 5. 5×15KΩ resistor 1/4W. 6. 2×4.7KΩ resistor 1/4W. 7. 2×47KΩ resistor 1/4W. 8. 1×680Ω resistor 1/4W. 9. 4×1N4007 Diode. 10. 1×Led 3 mm. 11. 1×8 pin IC base/ socket. 12. 1×16 pin IC base/ socket. 13...
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    Galaxy DX Radios Echo and Robot Boards

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    PT2399 Digital Echo Circuit

    Digital Echo Processor IC PT2399 is using CMOS technology in audio purposes. Digital Echo Processor PT2399 is implementing the system in the process of ADC and DAC audio repro echo. Digital Echo Processor PT2399 has a high sampling frequency and 44K memory. Digital Echo Processor PT2399 to...