class d amplifier

  1. surachit

    400W Class D Amplifier

    Non-opamp class d circuit using tr5 instead using cd4011 nand gate as phase inverter. friends pin 11,pin12 lowside and hide side ir2110 fre for class d about400k L 30UH C 0.47UF This circuit uses double feed back, which is from 2 points, before the coil filter and after the coli filter.
  2. guclusat

    400 Watt Class D Amplifier

    Components 1. 1×LM311N IC. 2. 1×IR2153 IC. 3. 1×MJE350 Transistor. 4. 1×MJE13005 Transistor. 5. 2×IRFP260N MOSFET. 6. 2×3.3KΩ resistor 1/4W. 7. 2×33KΩ resistor 1/4W. 8. 3×1KΩ resistor 1/4W. 9. 1×5.1KΩ resistor 1/4W. 10. 1×15KΩ resistor 1/4W. 11. 2×10Ω resistor 1/4W. 12. 1×4.7KΩ resistor 1/4W...