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  1. guclusat

    2000W Class AB Power Amplifier

    2000W Class AB Power Amplifier Specifications: Max. Output Peak Power: 2000 Watt Peak @ 2?Ohms Loudspeaker Max. RMS Output RMS Power: 1000 Watt RMS @ 2?Ohms Loudspeaker Max. Bridged RMS Output Power: 2000 Watt RMS @ 4?Ohms Loudspeaker RMS Output Magnitude: 44.7v RMS Peak Output Magnitude: 65v...
  2. guclusat

    Class AB, 125W Audio Amplifier

    This circuit uses the push-pull amplification output using the transistors SC5200 and SA1940 which are complementary transistors. The power supply should be symmetrical with + 45V and -45V. 125W Audio Amplifier Schematics 125W Audio Amplifier Top PCB (17x8CM) 125W Audio Amplifier Bottom PCB