audio amplifier

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    Audio Amplifier 100W

    Schematic diagram This is a classic push pull audio amplifier Power Supply Schematic diagram
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    Audio amplifier 2N3904, 2N3906

    Audio amplifier 2N3904, 2N3906 Mini anfi derve şeması
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    200 Watts Mono Audio Amplifier

    This is 200 watts mono audio amplifier board. this project can play upto 200 watts speaker easily. i used two 2SC5200 & two 2SA1943 Transistors and 45-0-45 transformer for this project Materials for the Project 4Pcs. 2.2 Ohm 1/2W Resistance 2Pcs. 100 Ohm 1W Resistance 1Pcs. 10 Ohm 2W...
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    Class AB, 125W Audio Amplifier

    This circuit uses the push-pull amplification output using the transistors SC5200 and SA1940 which are complementary transistors. The power supply should be symmetrical with + 45V and -45V. 125W Audio Amplifier Schematics 125W Audio Amplifier Top PCB (17x8CM) 125W Audio Amplifier Bottom PCB
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    PMA400 Audio Amplifier (Anfi devre şeması)

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    70 Watt MOSFET Audio Amplifier

    This simple mosfet power audio amplifier circuit, with TL071C and 2 MOSFETs (IRF9530 and IRF530) can deliver up to 45W on 8Ω speaker or 70W on 4Ω speaker. This schematic is based on Siliconix application and on variations of voltage on the 2 resistors that are serial inserted on the voltage...
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    250w Güç Ses Amplifikatörü Devre Şeması

    The amplifier is adapted to mount the transistors on the PCB, which only improves the strength and stability of the amplifier, as the conductors that lead to transistors are often not the shortest and have their own inductance and parasitic capacity. In this case, this problem is not necessary...
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    2 Χ 100 watt Stereo Audio Amplifier STK4231 II

    If you want to make a HI FI 100w High Power Stereo Audio Amplifier Then You can use this ic. STK4231 is a hybrid Thick film IC manufactured by SANYO ELECTRIC CO. LTD JAPAN. The STK4221II IC from is a dual high power amplifier chip, preferably suited for compact high power audio applications, for...
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    Audio Amplifier 0.2W - 3 Transistor

    An extremely simple audio amplifier, the setup speaks for itself. The performance is surprising for such a small circuit. Mounting the resistors and capacitors in vertical position will make the complete amplifier so small that it can be fitted in anywhere. (An old computer speaker, for...
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    18W Class-B Audio Amplifier with Tone Controls

    Parts: P1______________50K Log. Potentiometer (or 47K) (twin concentric-spindle dual gang for stereo) P2______________20K Linear Potentiometer (or 22K) (twin concentric-spindle dual gang for stereo) P3_____________100K Linear Potentiometer (twin concentric-spindle dual gang for stereo)...
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    600 Watt Ses Amplifikatör devresi (Schematic 600W Audio Amplifier)

    Description The circuit is based around {LM4702} manufactured by NATIONAL semiconductors & {MJ11029-MJ11028} by ON semiconductors It is a high fidelity audio power amplifier. Designed for demanding consumer and pro-audio applications. You can also use this circuit with AV receivers, Audiophile...
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    Automotive 12V to +-20V converter (for audio amplifier)

    The limitation of car supply voltage (12V) forces to convert the voltages to higher in order to power audio amplifiers. In fact the max audio power x speaker (with 4 ohm impedance) using 12V is (Vsupply+ - Vsupply-)^2/(8*impedance) 12^2/32 = 4.5Watts per channel, that is...