adjustable power supply

  1. guclusat

    Fully Adjustable Power Supply

    Based on a National Semiconductor application note, this circuit uses an LM317 3-terminal regulator (REG1), chosen because of its built-in over-current and over-temperature protection. Its output is boosted up to just over 5A by the MJ2955 transistor (Q1). The output voltage is varied by...
  2. guclusat

    LM317 / Adjustable Power Supply

    LM317 is perhaps the most popular linear regulator for low-power supply applications. The circuit which is presented here is a compact power supply unit based on this popular linear regulator. It is an adjustable power supply unit and it is able to supply up to 2A at 1.3 to 25V where the desired...
  3. guclusat

    Adjustable Power Supply

    Adjustable Power Supply A general purpose dc power supply When testing electronic projects a good adjustable power supply is indispensable. The LM317 provides the basis for a quality regulated dc power supply. This kit combines an LM317 with a thumbwheel potentiometer to allow you to...