1. guclusat

    500mW FM PLL transmitter 88-108MHz

    Hex programı ve devamı ektedir.
  2. guclusat

    1.5W 88-108Mhz FM Transmitter

    This transmitter is designed to transmit sound (music, speech, ...) at frequencies 88-108MHz with a frequency modulation (FM). Its RF power is about 1.5 W. The first transistor is used as an RF oscillator. Varicap allows the oscillator frequency shifting and thus its frequency modulation and...
  3. guclusat

    88-108Mhz FM Radio Transmitter

    88-108Mhz FM Radio Transmitter This is a fairly basic radio transmitter circuit that is produced by a Project Kits company, Quasar. There are 3 stages in this version. But can be modified easily to output around 4W instead 500mW! The main circuit diagram is here: Parts list: These...