1. guclusat

    350w Studio Amplifikatör Devre Şeması

    Specifications Output Power 200W into 8 Ohm; 350W into 4 Ohm Music Power 240W into 8 Ohm; 480W into 4 Ohm Frequency Response -1dB at 15Hz and 60kHz at 1W Input Sensitivity 1.75V for 200W into 8 Ohm Harmonic Distortion Typically .002% at normal listening levels Signal-to-Noise Ratio -122dB...
  2. guclusat

    Switched power supply 2x 35V 350W

    This switching power supply works in the single switch forward topology. In the article about switching power supplies it is II.A. Operating frequency is cca 80-90kHz. As a control circuit UC3844 is used. It is similar to the UC3842, but duty cycle is limited to less than 50%. The transformer...