1. guclusat

    7 Watt 2SC1971 FM PA amplifier

    7 Watt 2SC1971 FM PA amplifier
  2. guclusat

    Amplifier 6Watt MicroStripline (2SC1971)

    2SC1971 8 Watts FM broadcast (87,5-108MHz) broadband microstripline RF-amplifier 1.- all SMD components are 1206 types 2.- connect the bottomlayer (groundplane) on several points (through via's) with the toplayer of the pcb. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! VCC = Supply voltage (see also the...
  3. guclusat

    Amplifier 10mWatt - 8Watt Profline (BFR91 - BFR96 - 2SC1971)

    10mW-8W(Profline)-rf amplifier (for 87.5-108MHz use only) ========================================================= Supply voltage : 13,8 Volts (Vcc) Power input : 10mWatts (approx.) Power output : 8 Watts